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Premium Service for Dental Care

Malo Clinic  

The Malo Clinic became the world market leader in implantology and dental aesthetics quite early on after the company was founded. This is measured against the number of treated patients, the complexity of the treated cases and the size of the clinics involved.

Innovation and highest quality

In the course of the last years, the Malo Clinic has continued to develop innovative techniques and methods. These include the innovative All-on-4 concept, which is considered to be one of the greatest breakthroughs in dentistry in the last 40 years. The Malo Clinic has indeed developed many pioneering products and processes, which are used by hundreds of dentists worldwide.

Personalized Treatmentplan

One of the main principles of the Malo Clinic is the individual care of the patient, because no one patient is exactly like another. Just as the people are different, so are their requirements regarding the best treatment. The practice which collaborates with the Malo Clinic does not work according to the book, but sees each patient in his or her entirety and uniqueness.

When putting together a treatment plan, it is necessary to take the individual health history into account and to carry out an extensive examination through the use of high-tech 3-D scans. After evaluating and analysing the patient’s status, an appropriate, sustainable, tailor-made treatment plan can be put together.

With is subsidiaries situated in all five continents, the Malo Clinic is always in close proximity to the patient. In this way, the aim of providing innovative treatment methods to the highest number of patients can be achieved. The adherence to consistent guidelines means that a constant high level is guaranteed.

The name Malo Clinic promises patients the guarantee of the best treatment and highest quality.

Dr. Paulo Malo

‘It has always been my goal to change people’s lives’

Paulo Malo, 6.9.2013

Paolo Malo was born in 1961 in Angola and received his Diploma in 1989 from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Lisbon. He founded the Malo Clinic in 1995. His great achievements in the following years and an exponentially increasing growth led to the founding of one of the largest and most important healthcare institutes: Malo Clinic Health and Wellness.